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Seattle, Wash.—February 3, 2023 — Enabled Healthcare—a healthcare solution keeping patients with complex needs on Medicare and Medicaid healthy and at home through telemedicine, vitals monitoring, and care coordination—was one of four startups to be awarded a peer-selected, equity-free grant of $50,000 from Village Capital’s ADAPT program, supported by the Metlife Foundation.

ADAPT: Social Innovation for a More Resilient Future in the United States, is a new accelerator program started this year to support the innovation and development of solutions for key issues related to climate change, healthcare and wellness, and economic mobility. Over 130 startups from 28 states applied to be a part of this new accelerator program. The final two cohorts were composed of a total of 19 startups from 10 states, focused on two tracks: community resilience and individual resilience.

After participating in the three-month venture development program, the 19 participant startups evaluated each other through an investor lens, using eight specific investment criteria that leverage Village Capital’s venture investment levels. After this peer-lead evaluation, Enabled Healthcare—along with Dollarito, ISeeChange, and Pear Suite— were deemed “most investment ready”, receiving the $50,000 grant funding.

“We had an amazing experience learning and growing from the advice and feedback of the founders in our cohort, each doing amazing work. We will use the non-dilutive funding to expand healthcare into remote areas and continue to build a model for tech enabled high quality healthcare” said Bethany Doran, MD/MPH, Founder and CEO of Enabled Healthcare.

Enabled provides the equipment necessary for patients to take advantage of telemedicine and home vitals monitoring services. Each patient is paired with a provider who knows them well and cares about them. They monitor the patient’s health and vitals and are there to help manage health concerns immediately if there are any. Ease of use and privacy are at the core of Enabled Healthcare’s ethos. Patient-level data will not be shared or sold without full patient awareness and consent.

The Seattle-based startup is gearing up for the full launch of its platform, set for late February, serving select locations in the Seattle-Bellevue area, Monroe, Snohomish and Spokane—with plans to expand to Hawaii and other states in mid 2023.

Click the following links for more information about Enabled Healthcare and the ADAPT accelerator program.

About Enabled Healthcare: Enabled Healthcare is on a mission to improve the health of older adults— especially those living in rural areas with chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or at high risk of falls. Through their comprehensive medical monitoring and physician designed personalized care plans, they keep patients on Medicare and Medicaid healthy, happy, and at home. Their health monitoring solutions are designed to be senior friendly with vitals monitors that automatically connect and share health information with designated loved ones, caregivers, and providers. Enabled Healthcare offers an additional service that alerts providers and family members if there is an abnormal reading while contacting the patient to ensure that patients are always monitored for any problems. Many services are covered through insurance for just a small copay.

Source: Healthcare Innovation


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